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Yuna Yoga /  Nourishing Community; Online, Live and In Person Yoga Classes

I am so glad you're here, welcome! I hope you will enjoy being part of our community and practicing with us. This is the first step towards changing your life. That sounds crazy, doesn't it? But being curious about who you are and aiming to gain new perspectives will change your life as well as your view on it. With many years of experience and search, I have gathered the very best tools and insights to help you on your journey. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! So many of us ask the same questions and somehow feel so lonely asking them, but I promise you, you are not!

We are in this together, and although our paths and lives are unique, we can support and help each other along the way through community. Thank you for being a member if you are already and once again welcome if you are new around here. I will love to have you in our online and In person community if you are ready!

Yuna Yoga offer live yoga classes four times a week. Go check out the calendar to see when. If you want to read more about which classes we offer and what to expect from them you can take a further look here. You can also buy online workshops and immerse your self-development via our diary which you will find here. If you want to be physically involved, you can join the in person classes in Karma Studio, Odense. You can find descriptions of the classes and sign up here.

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