1:1 / Coaching

Do you feel out of balance? Would you like to work on yourself? Explore your unique talents while creating more harmony and bliss in you life?


I will meet you exactly where you are!

Life can sometimes feel like a shirt that does not fit. Like some areas of life are not what you wished for them to be.

It can often be difficult to pinpoint why that is. Through coaching sessions with me, you and I will get together and create a safe space for you where we can begin to look into the different areas of your life with a loving and gentle approach. I will help you bring more awareness into these areas and we will map out your life together and find exactly which unique tools that what assist you in bringing more balance into your life as well as bring out your talents and unique features that makes you the individual you are.

I will be your friend holding your hand through the transformative path of healing and we will look into how you can start living a loving, meaningful life that you are meant to live. Shakti, the feminine creative power of all, will be what holds you nourishingly through this transformation while Shiva, the masculine principle, will be the power that drives you. I will lovingly challenge you to step into your own unique greatness! And I will be by your side the entire way, I belive in you! Together we are stronger - together we can transform. 

1:1 / Life Coaching

Do you feel out of balance?

Would you like to work on yourself?

Explore your unique talents while creating more harmony and bliss in you life?

This is how we work

The space that I will hold for you is uniquely designed to support you with a strong foundation where you will be able to do deep work on yourself. This can be exploring your longings, goals, dreams, actions and how you see yourself. 


Within this space you can be honest and vulnerable, and you will be met with no judgment but a lot of support. Only by really looking deep and being honest to ourselves we can start to identify what is keeping us from living the beautiful life we were meant to live.


I will be of help providing you guidance and tools to work through your obstacles. Together, we will work out an individual plan for you that will help you build confidence and act courageously. Through 1:1 coaching, you will start to feel your own power as well as your own intuition - both which are needed in order to make lifestyle changes that are aligned with the balance life that you were meant to live.

You can read more and book a session here.


1:1 / Yoga Coaching


Want to deepen your practice but feel stuck?

Would you like to receive a personal practice that is designed to support where you are in this moment?

Do you crave hands-on-adjustments or a deeper understanding of how the different postures in yoga work for you and your type of body, life and mind?

This is how we work

These sessions are designed to look into where you are in your practice and life. We will map down where are you blocked or feel stuck? It can be in energy, body or mind or maybe even in your life. After looking into this together, I will analyze what techniques can help you move through these obstacles. 

I work in a holistic matter to dive deep into alignment, breath work, asanas and mantras, meditation, kriyas and Ayurveda. 

We will design a practice that can be your foundation and serve as your everyday sadana (yoga pratice).

On top of a personalized sadana, you will obtain a deeper understanding of how this personally designed yoga practice will benefit you and your life. A whole-hearted commitment to a daily sadana practice can change your life through consistency and dedication. You will receive  what you need instead of what you (think you) want. This is your option to grow and understand your body, mind and energy in a whole new way.

I will provide you with teachings on the essence of the tantric hatha yoga. With a focus on allignment and how the posture should feel rather than look, I will help you with the right practice that will benefit you where you are at this moment. Function over form.

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1:1 / Meditation

Would you like to begin a meditation practice?

Do you want to experience the insides your mind? Gain more focus and clarity?

Or maybe take your existing meditation practice to the next level?


How it works

You can meditate! Everyone can. But doing it by yourself with no guidance can be quite the challenge - trust me, I have been there myself!  

Even Buddha had a meditation teacher to guide and help him in the beginning. I will create a space for you, where no questions asked are stupid or silly. Within this safe space we can dive deep into your experience of meditation experience and I can help you understand the process and concepts of meditation. 


What you can expect

Be ready to learn and understand what meditation is and how it unfolds within you. I will support you in this training of quieting the mind and help you get in touch with your authentic self. I will provide you techniques that will help your practice unfold. Be ready to challenge yourself. This is a practice where you will meet yourself exactly where you are, both on good and bad days, in order to gain insight on how you really are doing. The practice will deepen your awareness and you must prepare to truly meet yourself. 

I will provide you the safe space and the guidance needed in order for you to move deeper within your personal practice. 

I will make sure that you are seen and held throughout this period by providing you guidance that you can work towards so you don’t stumble around in the mighty land of not knowing where you are going.

I will be there for you if you commit to this practice ❤


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