About Yuna Yoga / Yoga in Odense

Yuna Yoga is a yoga and self-help community based in Odense. The woman behind the community, Natacha, has continuously asked herself life-changing questions and sought around the world for inspiration, answers and methods to live her very best life. Now she is ready to share all her knowledge showing you her personal toolbox and creating a strong community around this.

She knows how lonely it can feel to seek answers within yourself and has also experienced the strength of how a community can help one's own journey.

Come and experience life from completely new perspectives, meet yourself and gain insight into everything that makes you completely unique and that adds value to the world and to your life.


Our Philosophy / You Are Set In This World To Live Your Best And Completely Unique Life 

I have both feet planted on the ground but love to fly high to explore various spiritual methods. The yoga stems from the Tantric Hatha Yoga perspective, which has nothing to do with sex, but is the first yoga system that we have met to include all the many methods in the yoga toolbox. If you want to know more about Tantric Hatha Yoga take a look at the video shop. Here you will find a workshop diving deep into this philosophy.

We belive in the individual but also that we are stronger together, all at the same time. We work with ourselves and know that only by becoming more enlightened on what it means to be “me” or “I” we can change the things outside ourselves. You are the solution to every problem in your life.

Who Is Natacha / Living Is A Journey That Ends One Day So Let's Get The Best Out Of It While We Are Here

Natacha is the founder of Yuna Yoga. She has been practicing yoga since she was 15 years old and has gone down many different roads within the yoga tradition; Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyassa, Power Yoga and now Tantric Hatha Yoga. With more than 600 hours of education, mainly from India but also Bali and USA, she continues to develop her knowledge and sees herself as a lifelong student.
Although she has a lot of knowledge, she is aware that she knows nothing and is only a human being sharing her knowledge and wisdom learned over the years.

Above all she is a mother and she is very interested in the feminine power of being a woman able to create and carry life. She loves the Shakti, the feminine energy, where all creativity blossoms and she is practicing creativity as often as possible.

Nature is pure medicine and slowing down is an art.


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