MOON / Stabilizing, De-stressing And Calming

Do you feel stressed, anxious or out of balance?

Do you crave a more calm presence and stability?

Maybe you have trouble sleeping or related to digestion?

Moon yoga calms down the nervous system, which is so important in a time where we often push ourselves hard and does so in several areas of life. We all need to recharge and create peace around us in order to live the life we ​​want.

Slow down with Moon yoga classes and enjoy a moment of self-care. Extend and prolong your exhalations to find grounding. You will be guided through physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation that are all designed to create more peace, stability and clarity within body and mind. You may find that life seems more clairvoyantly for your vision, your sleep will be deeper and better and your digestion will function better than before - all of this as soon as the nervous system calms down.

Is yoga new to you?

Then moon yoga is a class for you. Moon yoga will guide in the basic principles of yoga and in tantric hatha yoga we believe that we must have peace of mind and thoughts before we can get more energy into the body.

If you are already practicing this is still a good class for you - we all need moon yoga in our lives to balance the nervous system.

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SUN / Energizing, building immune and inner strength


Do you feel out of energy ?

Does it sometimes feel like you are standing still in your life and lacking inspiration and clarity in what you want?

The Sun classes are for those who want a true energy boost! You will be guided safely through the well-designed yoga classes where yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation all aim to gain more energy. All the energy that we gather through the class we use to boost the immune system, strengthen our self-esteem and get our inner drives going. Are you ready to gain more self-confidence and create the life you want?

If you are a beginner I would recommend starting with the Moon classes, and especially if you are experiencing feelings of anxiety or stress at the moment. On the other hand, If feelings of depression or heaviness is what you are battling with, I would very much recommend the Sun practice.

Experiences yogi? Then this is the class for you.

If you feel that you have peace of mind and are stable in your yoga practice, you will find the sun class incredibly inspiring and rewarding.

See the calendar for live sun classes here.

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